Tales From Red Deer Santa

Tales from Red Deer Santa

Tales From Red Deer Santa

From time to time, Santa might share some special experiences that he and his Mrs have had over the years. Scroll down and enjoy.

This Story Stinks.

Every visit from Red Deer Santa and Mrs Claus is special. We enjoy playing with the children and working with the adults ensures every visit is memorable.

There was one particular visit we will never forget.

Hosts often leave presents for the kids outside their home for us to find before we make our entrance.

With a deep bass ho ho ho and the sound of a big set of jingle bells, we appear at the party.

Mayhem, joy, hugs, and loud shouts of “Santa! Santa!” usually quiet down when Mrs Claus’ infectious voice invites everyone to join in the singing. This gives Santa a chance to put his magic gear in place.

After everyone is involved in magic tricks, the adults are cajoled into wearing wigs and masks. The kids love it.

Then comes Santa’s line. “Well Mrs Claus, we talked to everyone, did some magic, and even sang a bit. So, I guess it is time to go”. She replies, “Santa you forgot something.” The children chime in, ever so helpfully. “You forgot the presents.”

Santa acts surprised and reaches for the big bag of presents.

This particular time, just as Santa was about to reach into the bag, a cry of horror was heard from the back of the room. With arms and hands waving, a frantic mom tumbled over children and furniture yelling, “No no no, that’s the wrong bag. You’ve got the diaper-recycling bag.”

So, that is how Santa was saved from delivering gifts that truly stunk.

Red Deer Santa and Mrs Claus are Bonnie and Cam Walden. They are seasoned experienced entertainers who love their seasonal job, except when it smells. Reddeersanta.ca

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