Making the Most Out Of Your Red Deer Santa Visit

Red Deer Santa wants to make sure his visit at your party is enjoyed by all and so here are some tips to help make your day a special one.

How you can ensure Red Deer Santa’s visit is a success and is enjoyed by all.

Red Deer Santa and Mrs Claus want to make sure that our visit to your event is filled with happiness and joy for everyone. In order to ensure this, we would ask that you would consider the following:

Please provide at least one phone number so Red Deer Santa is able to contact you just before the visit.

Please let Santa know where to park his sleigh.

Please have control of your pets.

It is important that the visitors have armless chairs placed where no audience is behind them. If Mrs Santa will be attending, she will need an armless chair as well.

Please place presents away from children.

Please let us know how and when you want to distribute the gifts.

Please print the recipient’s names on the gifts using LARGE LETTERS WITH PHONEMICS. Santa’s eyes are getting old.

Often younger children can be frightened by the sight of a big bearded man in a red suit making a lot of noise. Please don’t force these children to visit Santa. There will be plenty of time in the years to come.

If you’d like further information about what a typical visit might look like, please read here.


Please make payments out to Cam Walden 

Please pay after the visit, as payments sometimes get lost in our costuming. Receipts provided for all cash or cheques.

Booking Information, Available Entertainment Packages, and What to Expect

From time to time, Red Deer Santa might share some tales of special experiences they’ve had over the years.  You can find those treasures here:
Tales from Red Deer Santa

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Booking Information and Available Entertainment Packages

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